School age children don’t seem to have too much difficulty in making friends. Even parents of growing children seem to be able to find friends quite easily, especially the parents of your own children’s friends. But what about retirement age or even after retirement? Ending lifetime careers and relocating may cut you off from familiar sources of friends. Does moving into an assisted living facility scare you because you think you won’t have any friends?

Even though you feel like your friend-making skills may be a little rusty, it’s still important to try. Close relationships with other people are crucial to good health, including physical, mental and emotional. It also increases your self-esteem and adds to your longevity, according to current research findings.

Assisted Living in Santa Fe, TXSome methods for making new friends

It’s a false idea that everyone else your age has already got all of the friends they want or need. Of course, you aren’t going to stumble upon anyone with a sign on their forehead that says “I need a friend”, but still – lots of others are in the same boat as you. They need more friends but aren’t standing up and announcing it out loud. It’s as simple as reaching out so you can find each other.

Accept all invitations you get, even if it may not at first seem like this is a friendship suitable for you. The simple fact of getting out and getting around meeting new people will give you more exposure to find and make new friends.

Enroll in as many senior classes as you can handle. There are lots of opportunities to meet new friends.

Ask for a schedule of events and activities from your assisted living center. Get involved. Reach out to others; there are friends out there waiting to be found who are probably more shy or timid than you are.

Pursue some of your own interests. For example, cooking classes, tai chi, dancing or concerts. Go regularly so that you can naturally build up relationships with people that share at least one passion with you.

Invite some of your assisted living neighbors to do something or go somewhere with you. It’s a good way to build up neighborly relations and find someone that you can make a connection with.

Don’t move too fast. That puts pressure on a new friendship and might scare the other person away. Take it slow and give it a little time. Don’t just count on one person.

Use these methods to get a little network of friends going. Then if one friendship doesn’t work out, you have some other friends to fall back on.

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