Assisted Living in Clear Lake, TX

Block parties are traditional ways for communities to come together to enjoy the oncoming summer. Joyous gatherings featuring fun, food, music and activities, these parties are a great way to reconnect with friends, meet new neighbors and spend some quality time together. For many people, these parties are one of the best parts of summer, and just because your aging loved one has transitioned into an assisted living facility doesn’t mean that she is no longer able to enjoy the fun of such a gathering.

Holding an assisted living block party is a fantastic way for your aging loved one to spend some time enjoying the summer months with their new friends and neighbors within the facility. If you think that your aging loved one enjoy hosting an assisted living facility block party, contact the administration of the facility for help planning the logistics of the party. Most of the time, assisted living facilities offer use of their meeting rooms and recreation halls, but involving the staff in the planning and execution of the block party can help it go more smoothly, and more successfully.

Assisted Living in Webster, TXSome tips for planning and hosting your assisted living block party include:

  • Set up the recreation hall for meeting room much as you would a street for a block party. This means arranging tables and chairs on either side of the central aisle and using decorative elements such as fake flowers, yard toys, flags and other cute touches to bring the fun of a day outside in the summer to your indoor party.
  • Encourage the other residents of the assisted living facility to invite their families to attend the party. There is a communication network within the facility, consider contacting the other families and requesting they bring block party style dishes to the party.
  • If you are providing the food on your own, focus on the simple, summertime foods that make block parties so much fun. Bring prepared salads such as potato salad, pasta salad and marinated cucumber salad. Inquire with the assisted living facility about the possibility of setting up a grill outside of the facility. Prepare hot dogs and hamburgers, as well as vegetarian options such as Portobello mushroom caps.

Plan activities that will offer a fun way for the residents of the facility to be active and socialize. Consider a modified volleyball game using a beach ball, or even a small pool set up on a tarp and filled with sand to play in.

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