Because of our current longevity standards, more married couples are attaining the elderly years together. In good quality marriages, there are potential health benefits for older adults. Studies have shown that when there is a positive marital connection for elderly couples, their decline in health that normally occurs with age proceeds at a significantly slower rate.

Another benefit to being part of a happy marriage into the elderly years is that when your spouse is your primary caregiver, you receive more personalized and in-depth care. Assisted living centers accommodate married couples quite well. While there is assistance available for couples who need it, a spouse can continue caring for her ailing husband to the extent she desires and is able.

Assisted Living in Webster, TXLove and relationships are healthy for adults of all ages. Elderly people who enter an assisted living facility as singles may find love and happiness with someone they meet right within their assisted living community.

Some of the issues that elderly couples face include the death of a middle-aged child. This is a challenge that is difficult for any parent to face, as they have believed that their children would out-live them. When they have each other to lean on they are more likely to find a positive way to cope with their loss.

Another issue faced by elderly couples is the divorce of one or more of their children, and the subsequent loss of a valued son-in-law or daughter-in-law and the resulting loss of grand-children. If a daughter-in-law leaves with the children, she may not have a strong enough bond with the grandparents to continue visitations. The elderly couple experiences a significant loss in a divorce situation that involves their children.

Divorce among elderly couples is not as common as divorce among younger adults; however the rate of divorce among the elderly is increasing. This is another issue that can cause a tremendous amount of grief for the elderly person, especially if the marriage has lasted 20 or 40 years or more.

In some cases, elderly adults may date and even remarry; this can affect relationships with their grown children and other family members. Any time there are changes in the intergenerational family unit regarding death, divorce, marriage, or even moving away, there is a ripple effect felt by all members of the family, especially in families where close bonds have been maintained for many years.

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