Assisted Living Pearland TX

 Assisted Living Pearland TX

Assisted Living Pearland TX

After Marsha moved into her new assisted living home, she struggled at first to make it feel as comfortable as her previous home had been. She lived in the same house for 48 years with her husband, raised her children there, and had so many wonderful memories it was difficult for her to let it go.

Yet, she understood her limitations. After looking at various options, she decided that assisted living was best for her at this time. She didn’t need a lot of help, but there were days when she needed assistance getting out of bed, getting into or out of the shower, or simply getting motivated to do something fun.

Those first weeks settling in.

Marsha moved into her room on a July afternoon, with the assistance of her youngest daughter, her husband, and a few friends. She didn’t have a lot to bring with her since the facility had a bed, dressers, and other basic furniture items already in place.

She brought various tokens and other mementos, including framed pictures, jewelry boxes, and other similar items. She put these around on the dresser, on the windowsill, on the nightstand, and even along the bathroom sink.

After a couple of weeks, Marsha still didn’t feel like this was home for her.

How to make that new room feel more like home.

It can be difficult to re-create the atmosphere a person envelops around themselves, especially when they have been living in the same place for most of their adult life. However, there are certain things people can do to improve the comfort and enjoyment of their new home in an assisted living facility.

Marsha’s daughter visited one afternoon and immediately noticed the bare walls. In her home, Marsha had plenty of pictures, collages of photos of family members, birthday cards, and other mementos her granddaughters and great granddaughters had made for her through the years.

She had packed most of these things away and never thought to bring them with her. She simply assumed placing pictures or anything else on the walls was not going to be allowed; she never asked.

After her daughter went into the storage unit she rented following moving out of her home, she was able to hang some of those important pictures, paintings, and other items throughout the room.

Almost immediately she felt more comfortable because she was surrounded by all of those items that reminded her just how much she was loved and cared for.

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