how to talk to kids about dementia serenity gardens friendswood

Dementia is a difficult disease to understand and an even harder one to deal with. Dementia is an overarching term for conditions that seniors experience that develop with aging. Dementia includes a decline in memory, language, problem-solving skills, and other cognitive abilities. There are different degrees of dementia, which can affect an individual’s daily functioning ability. Dementia often is harder for loved ones to deal with since the person afflicted doesn’t really have a memory of what life was like beforehand.

Serenity Gardens in Friendswood, TX, is a memory care assisted living facility for those suffering from dementia, Altzheimer’s, and other memory disorders. We provide a home-like environment that is family and patient-centered. Our full-time memory care staff helps with whatever the patient needs, from home-cooked meals to incontinence care and assistance. We encourage pets and children and love it when families come to visit.

Kids often have a hard time understanding why their grandma or grandpa suddenly doesn’t remember who they are. It can cause confusion, anxiety, and hurt, and the younger your children are, the more confusing this behavior can be. Below, we’ll offer tips on how to talk to your kids about dementia. Contact us today to get started!


Don’t Sugar Coat Demetia

One of the worst things you can do when your child is confused about their grandparent’s behavior is to confuse them even more. This is usually caused by parents who lie to their children about what is happening to their grandparents. While well-meaning, your kids will discover the truth at some point and then may blame you for their feelings. Serenity Gardens in Friendswood recommends that you tell them that there is no cure for dementia and that the condition will most likely worsen. Listening to your child will be key here, and answering their questions truthfully is the best path for them to deal with their feelings.

Love Them Still

Often times when humans detect something wrong with another person, they disassociate themselves from that person. This is normal human behavior that protects us from feelings of hurt. Children can begin to look at their grandparents as not human beings when dementia sets in. It’s important to emphasize that their grandparents are still their grandparents, that they are still in there, buried somewhere, and that what is happening to them is something they cannot control. Tell your children that their grandparents love them just as much as they always have, but that they cannot express it anymore. However, your children can still love their grandparents and show them their love every time they see them.

Talk Openly About The Behavior

Dementia presents itself in different ways to different people, from memory loss and difficulty doing familiar tasks, such as dressing, to being confused about where they are or who you are. When you talk openly and honestly about what your children are seeing or will see, your children will be prepared and will know what to expect. This is crucial for children who can easily become afraid of their grandparents otherwise.


Serenity Gardens believes that we offer the best dementia assisted living facility in Friendswood and in Dickinson. We offer a home-like environment for 16 residents who are suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or other memory loss conditions. We offer nutritious meals prepared daily, and we make sure our residents are eating their meals. We understand how dementia and Altzheimer’s can be extremely difficult for loved ones, and our full-time staff is here to help you in any way that we can. Our dementia assisted living encourages families and pets to visit often. Contact us today to learn more!