1. Why Choose a Career in Memory Care

    More than 47 million people worldwide suffer from some form of long-term dementia. This chronic, progressive disease symptom alters the victim’s perception of reality, causes behavior changes, and significantly impairs logical reasoning and memory. With the number of those who suffer from some for…Read More

  2. Facts about Social Isolation

    According to the 2016 Census Bureau, nearly 28 percent of American residents 65 years and older lived alone. As we age, the chances of living alone only increase due to retirement, the death of friends and family members, and decreased mobility. While living alone is not causal of social isolation, …Read More

  3. How to Keep Your Brain Active After Retirement

    While the verdict is still out on whether or not you can ward off Alzheimer’s Disease by remaining physically and mentally active, there is absolute proof that keeping your brain active does help prevent cognitive decline —whether associated to Alzheimer’s or not! Keeping mentally “fit” he…Read More

  4. Activities for the Dementia Patient

    Everyone gets bored when they are not being stimulated. For someone suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, image how frustrating being bored and confused must be! While you and I may pass the time playing a game, reading a book, or watching television, all these tasks can be frustrating w…Read More

  5. Memory Care versus Assisted Living: Why the Difference Matters

    In Dickinson, there are plenty of options for assisted living. Although many assisted living care communities offer memory care, the two are not one in the same and require different accommodations. At Serenity Gardens, we specialize in memory care assisted living, which sets us apart. What does mem…Read More

  6. How to Prevent Falls

    All it takes is one bad fall to change your life, but luckily, you can take steps to lower your risk of falling. When you're young, a fall isn't a big deal. You may be temporarily down for the count, but you'll bounce back. When you're older, a fall can be much more serious, and, in some cases, even…Read More

  7. The Facts About Social Isolation

    Social isolation is a very common problem among older adults, but it's also one of the least talked about problems. More and more older Americans are choosing to live at home by themselves. In fact, according to a 2014 report conducted by the Pew Research Center, 26 percent of Americans who are 65 y…Read More

  8. The Dangers of Denying Your Loved One’s Dementia Part 2

    Are you in denial about your loved one's dementia diagnosis? Being told that your loved one has dementia has to be one of the most difficult situations in the world. There's no doubt about the fact that dementia will present a lot of challenges for your loved one, as well as for everyone who loves a…Read More