1. how to talk to kids about dementia serenity gardens friendswood

    How to Talk to Your Kids About Dementia, Part 1

    Dementia is a difficult disease to understand and an even harder one to deal with. Dementia is an overarching term for conditions that seniors experience that develop with aging. Dementia includes a decline in memory, language, problem-solving skills, and other cognitive abilities. There are differe…Read More

  2. Debunking the Myths About Falls Part 2

    There are many myths about seniors falling, but it's important to separate fact from fiction. Falls can be serious for any senior, and they are all too common. But unfortunately, there are also many common myths about falls, and believing some of those myths could put you at a higher risk of fallin…Read More

  3. Your Guide to Falls and Prevention

    Falls are the number one cause of injuries in older adults in the United States. As you age, it becomes more difficult to balance and you aren't as flexible as you used to be, and that increases your risk of falling. For older Americans, not only is falling more likely, it's also a lot more dangerou…Read More

  4. Assisted Living vs. Home Care Part 2

    When you compare the benefits of assisted livings over home health care, there's no contest as to which one is best. Are you in the process of trying to determine what kind of care is best for your loved one? If your loved one does not require medical intervention on a regular basis, then you have t…Read More

  5. Assisted Living Facilities Pearland TX - Are You Hearing Mom Regarding Opinions About Assisted Living?

    Are You Hearing Mom Regarding Opinions About Assisted Living?

    You are absolutely convinced your mother would do well at an assisted living facility. She has been struggling to take care of herself and keep up with the general cleaning and upkeep of her house and while you have been helping as best you can, your time is limited. You know she would enjoy life at…Read More

  6. Assisted Living League City TX

    Assisted Living Helps Seniors with a Wide Range of Challenges

    Assisted Living League City TX It’s easy to assume assisted living is only for certain elderly individuals, but it can be great for people with a wide range of challenges. Some seniors may dismiss even considering assisted living as an option for the future because they have certain misconceptions…Read More

  7. Assisted Living Friendswood TX

    3 Ideas That Could Help with a Move to Assisted Living

    Assisted Living Friendswood TX Making a move to assisted living is a great decision. It may be difficult for some people, of course, especially if they have been living in the same house for most of their life. When planning a move to assisted living, whether it’s right around the holiday season, …Read More

  8. Assited Living Facilities Friendswood TX

    Tips for a Tour of an Assisted Living Facility

    Assisted Living Facility Friendswood TX Considering an assisted living facility for an elderly parent or discussing the prospect with an aging loved one is a great topic. Many people assume that assisted living is the last alternative they should consider, but most of these men and women simply have…Read More