1. Assisted Living: Never Too Old to Make New Friends

    School age children don’t seem to have too much difficulty in making friends. Even parents of growing children seem to be able to find friends quite easily, especially the parents of your own children’s friends. But what about retirement age or even after retirement? Ending lifetime careers and …Read More

  2. Assisted Living Facilities inTexas City, TX

    Assisted Living Facilities in Texas City, TX: The Basics

    Assisted living is a type of long-term care that is a combination of health care, support services and housing. When elderly or disabled adults can no longer do all the daily activities of life on their own, assisted living fills those needs. It is designed to help individuals with fixing meals, fee…Read More

  3. Assisted Living in Clear Lake, TX

    Maintaining Personal Safety in Assisted Living

    If you have transitioned your aging loved one into an assisted living facility, it is still critical that you remain involved in her care. This means that her personal safety should still be at the top of your priority list. There are various ways that you can help your aging loved one maintain her …Read More

  4. Assisted Living in Clear Lake, TX

    Holding an Assisted Living Block Party

    Block parties are traditional ways for communities to come together to enjoy the oncoming summer. Joyous gatherings featuring fun, food, music and activities, these parties are a great way to reconnect with friends, meet new neighbors and spend some quality time together. For many people, these part…Read More

  5. Assisted Living in Galveston, TX

    What to Ask Assisted Living Administration before the Transition

    Making the transition into an assisted living facility can make a tremendous difference in the lives of your parents. In assisted living facility offers a safe and comfortable place for your parents to live so that they don't have to deal with the responsibilities of maintaining their own home, but …Read More

  6. Assisted Living in Webster, TX

    A New Chapter: Choosing Assisted Living for Your Single Parent

    Helping your parent grieve through the loss of his partner can be extremely difficult to do. Not only are you trying to help him get through this painful transition, but you are dealing with your own feelings of loss and mourning. One of the best ways that you can help your parent cope with suddenly…Read More

  7. Assisted Living in League City, TX

    Transitioning a Reluctant Parent into Assisted Living

    If you have noticed that your aging loved one is dealing with mobility issues, cognitive challenges or other concerns that make it difficult for him to address his daily needs safely and effectively, you may be considering transitioning him into an assisted living facility. Such a facility provide h…Read More