1. Debunking the Myths About Falls Part 2

    There are many myths about seniors falling, but it's important to separate fact from fiction. Falls can be serious for any senior, and they are all too common. But unfortunately, there are also many common myths about falls, and believing some of those myths could put you at a higher risk of fallin…Read More

  2. Your Guide to Falls and Prevention

    Falls are the number one cause of injuries in older adults in the United States. As you age, it becomes more difficult to balance and you aren't as flexible as you used to be, and that increases your risk of falling. For older Americans, not only is falling more likely, it's also a lot more dangerou…Read More

  3. Assisted Living Friendswood TX

    Supporting a Move to Assisted Living When You Live So Far Away

    Assisted Living in Friendswood, TX Living quite a distance from an elderly loved one who may be having trouble tending to their own care can be tough. You want the best for them and you want to help them stay safe, but there’s only so much that you can do for them at that distance. When they agree…Read More