1. Assisted Living in Kemah, TX

    Pet Therapy and Assisted Living in Kemah, TX

    Anyone who doesn’t realize the powerful impact that owning a pet can have on senior care is missing out on some wonderful opportunities. If you have a loved one who resides in assisted living, and they have indicated a desire to have a pet again (if they had one in their younger years), then this …Read More

  2. Assisted Living Support and Resources in Kemah, TX

    Where do you turn when you have questions about assisted living? If you’re just looking into this level of care for a loved one, then you may feel as though you’re overwhelmed with all of the information that you’re going to come across. You might be inundated with terms and phrases that you h…Read More

  3. Assisted Living in Kemah, TX

    Assisted Living in Kemah, TX: Answering Questions

    As you are contemplating on moving your parents to assisted living, you may have a lot of questions on your mind. Or you may even feel like you don’t know what questions to ask. This is a big decision. Hopefully they are in on the decision-making with you; it sure makes it a lot easier on you. To …Read More

  4. Assisted Living in Kemah, TX: What are the Meals Like?

    Meals are important, and seniors like their food just as much as anyone else does. In fact, some older adults have become quite accustomed to the particular kinds of food they like. Food is part of a person’s social life, as well as physical and even emotional. Food can affect mood. Food can cause…Read More