1. Things to Know About Assisted Living in Santa Fe, TX

    Assisted living facilities are housing facilities for the elderly that allow them to maintain some level of independence while getting help with the daily tasks they can no longer perform on their own. With planning and research the transition can be a smooth one for you and your loved one. The foll…Read More

  2. Is Assisted Living in Santa Fe, TX Cheaper than Care at Home?

    While there are many factors that contribute to the decision of a loved one remaining at home or going to an assisted living facility other than economically, let’s review the affordability of both options. From a financial standpoint, which option is more feasible? The Formula to Calculate Quickl…Read More

  3. Assisted Living in Santa Fe, TX: Never Too Old to Make New Friends

    School age children don’t seem to have too much difficulty in making friends. Even parents of growing children seem to be able to find friends quite easily, especially the parents of your own children’s friends. But what about retirement age or even after retirement? Ending lifetime careers and …Read More