Senior living centers are homes for the elderly that offer care and support to meet all of their needs. It may be safety or medical concerns, or a simple lack of interaction at home that may drive an elderly person or their family to look into senior living centers. At Serenity Gardens Assisted Living Center in Dickinson and Friendswood, we offer all the amenities of home with family-like staff to care for our seniors. 

Tune into our senior living blog to learn everything you need to know about retirement communities and assisted living facilities. To find a senior care center for your loved one, contact us to schedule your tour. 

  1. Assisted Living in Dickinson, TX

    Assisted Living in Dickinson, TX

    It’s common for elderly people to want to stay in their own home. They can’t see why they should move; after all, they have lived in that home for decades now. But over the years, the neighborhood has changed. They may not have any friends in the neighborhood anymore; old neighbors have died or …Read More

  2. Senior Care in League City, TX

    Paying for Senior Care – Understand Your Options

    What is the cost for senior care? The cost for senior care can be different prices. It depends on the type of senior care you choose to have for your aging loved one. Home Care is an Option When your senior is able to get around the home and generally take care of themselves, then you may not need a…Read More