For some reason, people tend to fear aging, convinced that somehow life is harder or closer to ending as they get older. The truth is, that there are many things that only get better with age, including life! To offer a reminder about the many great things that improve as they age, here is a list of things that get better with age.

Whiskey and Wine

While this could be two, distinctly delicious, categories, for the sake of offering more, we will make them one. The best wines are aged to perfection, prized for their age and enjoyed at special occasions. As with whiskey, the good ones are aged for at least three years, while the ones that have been aged for more than a decade are the ones with the richest flavors.


One could argue that cheese only gets better with age if you appreciate the sharp ones. Most cheese connoisseurs will agree that the sharpest and the stinkiest cheeses are, by far, the best ones! Cheddar, gruyere, manchego, and gouda cheeses continue to improve in taste (and texture) the longer that they are allowed to age.


New leather is tough, rigid, and stiff. As leather ages, it softens and gets smoother. This makes leather furniture and boots more comfortable as time passes by. Remember that old leather jacket and how uncomfortable it was when it was brand new? Now, it has softened and bends in all the right places.


Speaking of comfort, there is nothing like the worn-in comfort of your favorite jeans. Brand new, off the rack, they are coarse and made to fit the mannequin. Over time, you wear them in to just the right fit that provides the ultimate comfort.


Seeds are little baby plant eggs that are nothing to brag about, but once planted and allowed to age, they become big, beautiful plants! Imagine a mighty oak as a seedling —not nearly as impressive as the majestic tree it is now.


Some may argue, here, that young love is fun and passionate, which makes it more exciting and better. However, those who have known true love know that it only grows better, closer, and truer as it ages. Aged love can boast trust, intimacy, and a feeling of security and comfort that long-ago replaced doubt.


As we grow and learn, we carry experiences and memories along with us. Although we may all look back on our childhood and reminisce about the times we had no responsibilities and were free to explore the world and speak our truths, once we have completed middle age and are seniors, we can boast the same things! Only, now we have all that knowledge and experiences that make us better able to enjoy things. And now, you’ve got more resources and a louder voice that allows you to make your own rules.

There should be no reason to fear growing older, it should be a reason to celebrate! Enjoy the journey of life. If you or someone you love is finding it difficult to remember the finer things in life, or remembering things in general, contact us at Serenity Gardens Memory Care Assisted Living. We specialize in memory care and will help your loved ones re-discover the joy of aging well. Our assisted living facility offers the comfort and care that encourages our patients to appreciate, not fear, growing older. Contact us to schedule a tour today!