1. Assisted Living: What are the Meals Like?

    Meals are important, and seniors like their food just as much as anyone else does. In fact, some older adults have become quite accustomed to the particular kinds of food they like. Food is part of a person’s social life, as well as physical and even emotional. Food can affect mood. Food can cause…Read More

  2. Assisted Living in Dickinson, TX

    Assisted Living in Dickinson, TX

    It’s common for elderly people to want to stay in their own home. They can’t see why they should move; after all, they have lived in that home for decades now. But over the years, the neighborhood has changed. They may not have any friends in the neighborhood anymore; old neighbors have died or …Read More

  3. Assisted Living in Clear Lake, TX

    Maintaining Personal Safety in Assisted Living

    If you have transitioned your aging loved one into an assisted living facility, it is still critical that you remain involved in her care. This means that her personal safety should still be at the top of your priority list. There are various ways that you can help your aging loved one maintain her …Read More

  4. Assisted Living in Clear Lake, TX

    Holding an Assisted Living Block Party

    Block parties are traditional ways for communities to come together to enjoy the oncoming summer. Joyous gatherings featuring fun, food, music and activities, these parties are a great way to reconnect with friends, meet new neighbors and spend some quality time together. For many people, these part…Read More

  5. Assisted Living Facilities in League City, TX

    Seniors Taking Leadership Roles in Assisted Living Facilities

    Assisted living has a brand-new personality. While many people still think of assisted living is essentially the same as nursing homes, and believes that they are only for very old or sickly seniors, or those who are not particularly motivated to the active in life, this is absolutely not the case. …Read More

  6. Assisted Living in La Marque, TX

    Creating a Cheery Space in Assisted Living

    Assisted living facilities are designed to provide comfortable, safe places where seniors can live without the obligations of caring for their own homes, and receive care and assistance that they need to fulfill their normal Activities of Daily Living. Despite the comfort of these spaces, they tend …Read More

  7. Assisted Living in League City, TX

    Is Assisted Living the Right Choice for Your Aging Loved One?

    When making elder care decisions for your aging loved one, it is critical that you evaluate all of the available options carefully in order to ensure you make a decision that is beneficial both for your loved one and for your family as a whole. The elder care decisions that you make for your aging l…Read More