1. The “Normal” Aging Process and Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

    One of the challenges with identifying and diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease or any other form of dementia is that there is a common misconception that memory loss is a normal sign of aging. Modern medicine and diagnostic testing have advanced so much in the last decade, that when identified early, t…Read More

  2. Pet Therapy For Dementia Patients

    We are not sure why it took years of research and evidence-based practice to yield the results that those who suffer from cognitive impairment such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease do much better in a homelike setting and in homes that have pets. Don’t we all? At Serenity Gardens, we have alw…Read More

  3. 5 Signs You Need Memory Care to Help Your Loved One

    Watching your loved one slowly deteriorate health-wise is not easy, especially if it’s a condition you have no control over, such as dementia or Altzheirmer’s disease. Dementia is when normal daily functions and processes are interrupted. Altzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive br…Read More

  4. Causes of Dementia

    The mention of the word dementia can bring up feelings of fear to those who have loved ones suffering from it to feelings of uncertainty as some dementia types are progressive. Serenity Gardens in Friendswood, TX, aims to dispel some of the uncertainty you may have with regards to the causes of deme…Read More

  5. Things Not to Say to The Memory Impaired

    Memory impairment and cognitive dysfunction can be hard to process for the one experiencing the memory loss as well as those who are close to them. As frustrated as you may be talking to your loved one who used to be sharp as a knife, who now cannot remember how to tie their own shoes, just imagine …Read More

  6. Why Overcoming Injury Is Harder For Those With Dementia

    Depending on the severity of the injury and what body systems are involved, overcoming an injury can be difficult for anyone. But, for those who suffer from a cognitive impairment or dementia, recovery can be even more difficult. For these people, skilled nursing and rehabilitative care are even mor…Read More

  7. What to Look For in a Memory Care Assisted Living Facility

    Memory care assisted living differs from regular assisted living in the special training required, the nature of the care provided, and the level of acuity. In an assisted living facility, the residents are able to verbalize their needs, manage some of their own needs, and be an advocate for themsel…Read More