Assisted Living in Dickinson, TX

It’s common for elderly people to want to stay in their own home. They can’t see why they should move; after all, they have lived in that home for decades now. But over the years, the neighborhood has changed. They may not have any friends in the neighborhood anymore; old neighbors have died or perhaps moved away. Elderly people can become very isolated in their own homes this way.

A move into an assisted living facility, or assisted living center as they’re sometimes known, can really give elderly people living alone, a new lease on their life.

Disadvantages of elderly people living alone in their own home

  • Older homes often have the bedrooms and bathrooms on the second floor, which means they have to go up and down stairs several times per day. It takes a lot of energy for a senior to climb a long flight of stairs, and they also pose a falling hazard.
  • The neighborhood their house is located in may no longer be safe like it was years ago.
  • If there are no friends living close by, the senior can be a target or they can be forgotten and isolated.

Assisted Living in Dickinson, TXAdvantages of moving to an assisted living facility

  • Elderly loved ones enjoy safety and a comfortable environment at the assisted living center. There are other people there to make friends with, and they can call for help easily if there is an emergency.
  • There is a healthy social system at assisted living centers and lots of opportunity to mingle with other people. For seniors who prefer their privacy, there are plenty of opportunities for that too.
  • Meals and eating become more enjoyable. They can have the communal dinner or fix a light meal for themselves and eat in front of the TV in their room if they prefer. Many people do not like to eat alone, and so that’s a big benefit of assisted living.
  • There is generally less to worry about. The elderly loved one will be able to go on enjoying the hobbies and crafts and many of the activities they enjoyed before; their family enjoys peace of mind knowing their loved one is living comfortably and safely and still enjoying a healthy amount of independence.
  • Very open visitation policy. Your elderly loved one can still enjoy the company of family and friends, and can go out on day trips or to go shopping.
  • Transportation. Some facilities provide some transportation to certain events. Some do not provide transportation but can assist the senior in arranging public or handicapped transportation.

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