talking to kids about dementia serenity gardens dickinson

Serenity Gardens in Dickinson, TX, offers the best memory care for your loved one suffering from a memory condition, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Our caretakers offer around the clock care for your loved one, making sure they are eating adequately, taking their medication, and helping with any other needs they may have, such as toileting assistance.

Dementia is a condition that affects a person’s ability to think and affects their behavior and memory. Early signs of dementia include confusion, forgetting what things are, losing things, and mood swings. Dementia, however, has many forms and has many different symptoms. Here at Serenity Gardens, we understand that dealing with a loved one who has dementia can be very trying, especially for kids who may not understand why their grandparents are suddenly changed. We do our best to assist you in any way that we know how. In our previous blog post, we offered up tips on how to talk to your kids about dementia. Today, we’ll offer up a few more. Contact us today for our dementia assisted living services!


Plan Activities When Visiting

Homes where old people live often scare little children. Often times, they just don’t know how to act. However, by planning a fun activity your children can do with their grandma or grandpa while visiting them at their dementia assisted living facility can help. From sewing or knitting to playing a board game or even a video game, you are creating happy memories for your child with their grandparents.

Teach Them How to React When the Weird Happens

Even little kids have a sense of what is normal behavior and what is not. Your child needs to be prepared when the odd behavior does happen, or the odd comment is said. Serenity Gardens in Dickinson recommends that you respond out of love. They may say things that aren’t true, but your child should know to expect that from their grandma and grandpa. One thing you could do is tell your child to tell them they love them every time grandma and grandpa act funny until the subject is changed. Of course, you won’t be able to predict every behavior, but having a stock answer ready can make it easier.

Don’t Dwell on the Negatives

Dementia is hard to deal with because most of us want our parents or our grandparents back. Realizing that this is the new normal and accepting it is hard, especially on children who may not quite grasp what is happening to grandpa or grandma. Rather than lamenting the past constantly with your children, talk about the future and the things you’ll do together. If you are having Thanksgiving dinner together, talk about the wonderful food you’ll share together. If you are taking grandma or grandpa out for a walk, talk about what you’ll see together. Serenity Gardens in Dickinson wants to emphasize that you focus on creating positive memories moving forward.

Encourage Your Children to Talk About Their Feelings

When your child is hurt by something their dementia-suffering grandparent says, acknowledge that hurt and explain how it was the dementia talking, not their grandparent. Explain to your child that it’s okay to be angry that their grandparent has been taken from them and that it’s okay to cry about it. However, there will still be good times ahead, and oftentimes, your grandparent will often do humorous things due to their forgetfulness. It’s okay to laugh at this as well.

It’s Okay to Stop Visits For a While

Words can still hurt, even when they are spoken unwillingly and unknowingly. If the person with dementia repeatedly says hurtful things, it’s okay for your child to take a break from visits with their grandparent for a while. You have to protect your children, and while you may be able to shake it off, your children may not be able to.


Helping your loved one live a wonderful life is our mission here at Serenity Gardens in Dickinson. We provide a home-like environment that offers the best dementia assisted living care. We encourage our residents to bring their pets, and family is always welcome to visit or eat a meal with us. We value family support, and we’re here to help when needed. Contact us today to learn more!