Senior Care in League City, TX

What is the cost for senior care?

The cost for senior care can be different prices. It depends on the type of senior care you choose to have for your aging loved one.

Home Care is an Option

When your senior is able to get around the home and generally take care of themselves, then you may not need around the clock care. You can choose to use a home care services or companion that comes in every day, but doesn’t stay all night.

You can also choose live-in care that is available 24 hours a day. The cost of senior care might be less than what you would expect. Every family wants to provide their loved Senior Care in League City, TXones with the care they deserve.

Assisted Living is an Option

Assisted living or personal care homes are a popular and more secure option for seniors who suffer from memory loss, dementia, or have physical issues that may require more hands on care.

The senior that you are concerned about is probably your parent. Our parents have sacrificed for us, so we usually want to provide them with the best elder care possible. Hiring excellent senior care for your parent shows that you care. Explore options that will help your aging loved one pay for care.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Is your aging parent a veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran? Consider the VA Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit. Find more information
  2. Assisted Living, Personal Care Homes, and Private duty home care is often paid for with private funds from checking, savings, or retirement income.
  3. Reverse mortgages are an option for some seniors for home care only.
  4. Life Settlements are an option for others.

Types of Senior Care:

  1. Home Care- this care can be hourly or 24 hours per day (live-in care).
  2. Assisted Living- Assisted Living facilities and personal care homes are a great choice for many families, providing an extra level of security and around the clock assistance when needed.
  3. Adult Day Care- this type of care is for the senior who possibly lives with their adult children, but needs more socialization during the day while everyone is at work. This is a very cost effective option for families.
  4. Nursing Home Care- obviously this is for the senior who requires the most intense care available, with 24/7 facility only care.

Understanding your options and your aging loved one’s needs is the first step in deciding on the type of care. Once you have made a decision, it will be easier to determine the cost of care and how to pay for it.

When researching options for senior care in League City, TX call us at (832) 315-3219. Assisted Living counselors at Serenity Gardens are available to talk with you about your caregiving needs while providing better, affordable care for you or a loved one.