Our assisted living home is designed for the purpose of offering a “homelike environment” to our 16 residents. Our services are provided in a warm, friendly and comfortable, home-like environment. Delicious meals and adult-oriented activities round out the living experience at Serenity Gardens.

Our home offers a beautiful courtyard where residents are free to wander around the grounds within the secure perimeter.

Pets in Our Home

Residential pets are part of why Serenity Gardens is truly home to our residents. In addition to our home pets, individuals are encouraged to bring their own pet to live with them.

Focus on the Family in Our Home

Family support is crucial in the world of dementia and memory care. It is a difficult disease, but we are here to assist you and your family through the process. A full-time manager is always available for family discussions about life planning for the future.

Family Style Dining

Food is a very important part of our residents’ daily lives. Weight loss is always a concern for the elderly, and it’s one we take very seriously. Serenity Gardens uses mealtime as a way to engage social activity in our residents. Our team members not only prepare the meals daily; they also eat and engage in a family style dinner with our residents. Families are always invited to join their loved ones at any meal, free of charge.



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