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Memory Care Facility in Friendswood, Texas

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You’re Not In a Facility — You Are Home!

Welcome to Serenity Gardens dementia care assisted living center in Friendswood, Texas. We provide family-centered memory care in a home that features the love of children and pets. We believe that home is the most wonderful place to be and understand that dementia can rob seniors of the ability to remain home safely. At Serenity Gardens, we provide the memory care you’d expect at a facility in a home-style assisted living center. Schedule your tour today.

Memory Care Services at Serenity Gardens

At Serenity Gardens memory care assisted living, we provide a wide range of dementia care services that support our resident’s basic human needs in addition to cognitive support and comfort care. Our caring and compassionate staff members have specialty training in dementia care and offer the same personal care they would to their own family members. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Assistance with mobility and transportation services
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Personal care and assistance with ADLs
  • Family-style meals to meet each resident’s needs
  • Pet therapy and family-style activities
Senior Care Services

We set ourselves apart by offering a home-style environment and inviting resident’s pets and family members to visit as often as they like. Children and pets are usually onsite and meals are eaten in a family-style manner together. Our activities are focused on the needs and preferences of our residents and include community members, parties, ice cream socials, and art and music therapy. Life is more than eating and sleeping safely and we aim to provide the best life possible for each of our residents.


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Join Our Memory Care Team

As with any memory care assisted living facility, we offer 24-hour care services and must have the staff and support to meet our resident’s needs. We are always looking for caring individuals to join our team. Whether you are an experienced memory care provider or you are a high school volunteer who wants to come play cards or garden with our residents, we welcome the helping hands. Visit us online to discover our available career openings and volunteer opportunities. If you are a community member with an event you’d like to host, please contact us to coordinate an activity!

Those who choose to make a profession out of taking care of others are selfless. It takes a great deal of patience and compassion to care for those who suffer from dementia or memory impairment. However, the return is finding a meaningful, rewarding career in offering peace of mind to families and comfort to your patients. At Serenity Gardens Memory Care Assisted Living in Friendswood, we have a team of caring individuals who call our residents family. If you are looking for a career that offers purpose and allows you to make an impact on others, apply online today!

Volunteer Opportunities

We always need help around our assisted living and welcome the company of volunteers! Whatever your talent, come share it with our residents. Some volunteer opportunities that are always available include:

Reading or visiting with our residents
Putting on a performance
Offering services — hair-do, nail painting, etc.
Household chores
Crafts or holiday decorating
Hosting an activity or event

If you need community service hours or are simply looking for a rewarding volunteer opportunity, we always welcome the help.

Employment Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities

When Dementia Becomes a Concern

At Serenity Gardens, we believe that every person deserves to live an independent life at home as long as possible. However, as we have seen all too often, we also know that cognitive decline can make that unsafe. We strive to create a safe, home-like environment that offers our residents the best of both worlds. If you are concerned about your loved one’s dementia, here are some of the signs that it may be time to consider a move to a memory care assisted living facility.

  • Times and places are confusing
  • Daily tasks and chores are challenging and often ignored
  • Communication becomes difficult
  • Social isolation
  • Lapse in judgment creates unsafe environments
  • Lack of personal hygiene and more than occasional incontinence
  • Decrease in nutritional status and ability to safely prepare meals

The care and activities at Serenity Gardens can help slow the symptoms of dementia and fosters safe independence while providing supervision and assistance as needed.

When dementia becomes a concern, due to safety, it helps to have people who are trained and experienced in memory care to help. Memory care services can help prevent falls, encourage nutrition, and help decrease the adverse behavioral issues that are common in those who suffer from dementia or other memory deficits. It is important to remember that dementia can be confusing and scary for those experiencing it, so any “outbursts” should not be taken personally. With quality dementia care services, you should be able to see positive changes in your loved one that include:

    Decreased agitation and anger
    Increased mobility and strength
    Improved independence
    Decreased falls
    More smiles
    Purposeful movements
    Decreased fidgeting

Memory care is focused on supporting those who suffer from cognitive deficits while challenging and engaging them to keep the mind stimulated without causing confusion or overwhelming them. By offering appropriate activities and attention, your loved one can find the peace and serenity they deserve. For more information, contact us.

Tips For Visiting Your Loved One

At Serenity Gardens in Friendswood, we encourage you to visit your loved one as often as possible. While we understand how difficult this can be when your loved one does not remember who you are, we offer support and guidance as you continue a relationship with them despite their illness. Here are some quick tips to make your visits at our dementia care home more memorable:

  • Still love them. Even if you are very sad by your loved one not remembering you, remember it is not their fault. You can still love them despite their illness, and, in fact, they need you to. Remain calm in the outbursts, positive, and supportive.
  • Take breaks. If you are feeling overwhelmed and emotional during a visit with your loved one, it’s okay to take breaks. Simply excuse yourself from the room until you have composed yourself. We understand the emotions can run high, so it’s important to let those feelings be when they come.
  • Learn a new language. You may visit your loved one who is not saying much that day, or who has stopped verbalizing many thoughts. Holding their hand can be all that they need. You can read them a book while at our dementia care home, or you can read silently in their room. Although your loved one may not be able to express their love for you anymore, you can rest assured that they feel it in your presence.

Learn more about Serenity Gardens’ elderly care in Friendswood today!

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