I am so glad I found Serenity Gardens

My Dad has been a resident at Serenity Gardens for almost a year and a half. At 94 he was diagnosed with dementia that makes it dangerous for him to live alone. He was in several rehab/long term care facilities and did well with physical therapy, but did not adjust well to long term care. The facilities were big, impersonal, and cold, with a revolving staff of caretakers that I would only see once or twice.

When I heard about Serenity Gardens, I decided to place him and felt hopeful when the owner and a geriatric physician found him to be suitable.
Serenity is a small, home-like facility with stable staff at both locations. While the facilities are very clean and beautiful and well maintained, that is not what I like most. To me, the level of open communication between the staff, the owner, the physician, the family and the resident is exceptional. I receive messages by text and phone call when needed and always feel like I am kept in the loop, even for minor issues. My questions and suggestions are considered and I always get a prompt, thoughtful response. I feel that the staff has real concern and affection for my dad and act in his best interests.

Yes, the food is good, the outside areas are pleasant, there are children there sometimes and usually a dog, but these are what I feel are “extras.” The same is true of the parties, special activities like a resident Olympics and daily activities. More importantly, my dad seems happy there. He has friends, both other residents and staff. When the Chicago Cubs were in the World Series, one of the Directors made sure that my Chicagoan dad enjoyed the games and had special treats like baseball field hot dogs and popcorn. Maybe a small thing, but those are what add up to a happy life at 96. I am so glad I found Serenity Gardens.