You Will Not Be Disappointed

“Mom has been a Serenity Gardens resident for roughly 2.5 years. Prior to placing her there, there were many sleepless nights and countless worries that come with being the sole caregiver for an elderly loved one with dementia. Until you’ve lived it, you cannot begin to imagine the toll it takes on your loved one as well as yourself. I thank God every day for allowing me the ability to have such an awesome facility to take care of my precious Mom. There’s no doubt in my mind, she is safe, clean, well fed, and treated with utmost love, care, and respect. Rusty Jordan, the facility Director, is the best of the best. Rusty runs a tight ship and his knowledge of the business, people skills, and love for his residents is very evident. He continues to exhibit these traits with my Mom and all the residents. Rusty is always willing to listen and work through any issues/concerns should they arise. COVID has forced lots of changes be made to comply and maintain the safety of the residents. Rusty and his staff go the extra mile to ensure our loved ones continue to receive great care amid the pandemic. They strive to give extra attention since we, the family members, are unable to interact at this time. If I had it to do over again, I would choose Serenity Gardens hands down. I highly recommend this facility; you will not be disappointed.”