Group of seniors

Our loved ones who reach old age deserve, and at times require special care. It can be expensive to have a healthcare provider come to your home every day. A great solution for a wide variety of specialized needs and attention may be a community in an assisted living home. 

Serenity Gardens in Texas is the perfect option for those seeking an assisted living home. We are adequately equipped to help those who need memory care services as well. 

Memory Care Assistance

Serenity gardens has the most caring and compassionate group of caregivers and trained professionals to assist the elderly through basic daily tasks around the clock. Memory care services at the Serenity gardens include Toileting Assistance, Monitoring of Habits, Incontinence Care, and much more. 

We ensure everyone feels loved and cared for without ever hesitating to ask for help. As an assisted living home focused on memory and dementia care, we can meet the varying needs of our residents. 

Family Style Dining

With the best of our efforts, we make Serenity Gardens feel just like home. We care for our residents and encourage family-style dining daily, where we all share a meal as a community. These meals are customized according to dietary habits for each individual. 

All families can join us at any meal free of cost to spend time and have dinner with their loved ones.

Pet-Friendly Community

Pets are a part of the family too! In another effort to give you the feeling of being at home, Serenity Gardens welcomes its residents with their beloved pets, and has its own pets as well! The love and companionship animals provide cannot be matched. They are cherished members of our community.

Specialized Medical Assistance

Serenity Gardens provides specialized medical care for each of our residents. From meals to snacks, our chefs keep in mind a variety of nutritional needs including:

  • Allergies or sensitivities
  • Resident preferences
  • Modified texture diets
  • Diets and snacks for improved healing
  • Supplements to enhance wellness
  • Diets that support chronic illness
  • Renal diet
  • Diabetic nutrition
  • Heart-healthy meals

We assist residents through feeding, dietary supplements, specialized diets, and modifying thickness and textures. We not only keep in mind food and nutrition, but also understand physical limitations, memory, and safety concerns.

Learn More About Us!

Serenity Gardens was made to care for, assist and support the loved ones that may need it. With our team of highly trained staff available 24-hours, we are a home designed to cater to your unique needs professionally with care and compassion. 

Call us to learn more, or visit us today!