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At Serenity Gardens, we strive to make your loved one feel right at home. To do that, we must be able to flexibly adapt to each resident’s varying needs. If your loved one needs help with medications, meal prep, toileting, bathing, and dressing, our staff will assist.

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Dietary Assistance

Everyone’s nutritional needs are different! Serenity Gardens does not believe in one-size-fits-all meal planning. Our Memory Care Communities have small resident populations, allowing us to gather for meals in a home-style family setting. And because we offer small, intimate mealtimes, we can spend time cooking meals that fit each resident’s needs. Our team is proud to avoid the cafeteria-style dining of other homes.

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  • Family-style Dining, not Institutional Cafeteria Meals
  • Small, Intimate Resident Population
  • Meals Personalized To Dietary Restrictions
  • Greater Social Interaction and Positivity

Loved ones who suffer from memory problems or cognitive impairment often don’t remember to eat. Our encouraging, positive environment helps residents eat on their own terms. We accommodate specific food preferences and requests.

item imageModifying Textures and ThicknessWe can modify our food textures and liquid thickness to ensure safe swallowing while still providing delicious taste and nutrition.
item imageSpecial DietsIs your loved one on a special diet? We help create delicious meals that adhere to their needs and dietary restrictions.
item imageFeeding AssistanceSome days are better than others. At Serenity Gardens, we encourage each resident to self-feed. But if your loved one is having a bad day, we also offer modified utensils and feeding assistance services.

Medication Assistance

Helping your loved one stay on top of their medication schedule is one of our specialties. Our staff is available 24 hours a day to help your loved ones take their medications. We assess residents, build a medication schedule, evaluate their ability to swallow, and other factors. From simple reminders to pill crushing to feeding the medications, we are here to help.

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Activities of Daily Living

Assisting with activities of daily living (ADLs) is one of our most important services. ADLs are basic daily tasks that are critical to our well-being, like bathing, dressing, and feeding. When a loved one has a memory impairment, it’s hard to remember how to handle these tasks. Our staff helps residents overcome these obstacles and practice ADLs safely.

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Activities of Daily Living Include:

  • Feeding
  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Oral Care
  • Medication Support
  • Toileting
  • Care of assistive devices – hearing aids, glasses, dentures
  • Grooming – hair brushing and styling, shaving


Incontinence Care

Memory problems can affect the mind-body signals we take for granted, often leading to incontinence. Proper incontinence care is vital for avoiding infections, skin breakdowns, wounds, and more. We manage your loved one’s hygiene concerns through compassionate incontinence care.

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Our toileting care includes:

  • Anticipating needs and regularly asking our residents about their needs
  • Assisting with transferring to and from the toilet
  • Fall prevention
  • Urinal and commode cleaning

Ostomy And Foley Catheter Care

Our care specialists know how to properly care for loved ones who have indwelling Foley catheters, suprapubic catheters, and ostomies. We ensure that your loved one’s devices are kept in safe working order.

Toileting Monitoring

Monitoring the quality and quantity of urine and bowel output is key to ensuring that our residents stay healthy. Our staff monitors output to assess organ functioning, nutritional deficits, hydration, and more. This proactive approach helps stop urinary tract infections, constipation that leads to impaction, and nutritional problems.

Housekeeping/Linen Service

Facilitating a clean, tidy home is part of ensuring resident wellness. Our housekeeping services ensure that your loved one’s space can be neat, clean, and home-like. Our staff remove trash at the end of each shift and make the residents’ beds every morning. Residents also receive fresh towels as needed. Our staff cleans rooms and common spaces on a rotating schedule.

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Laundry Service

Along with our housekeeping services, our staff also provides full laundry and linen services. Residents can use their own linens, which we clean regularly, or use our available linens. Personal laundry services for your clothes are also available. Let us take care of washing, drying, folding, and organizing clothes.

Beauty/Barber Services

At Serenity Gardens, we believe in total wellness. Our residents are much more than their diagnosis! We make sure they feel good through pampering barber and beauty services. These services are not handled by Serenity Gardens staff, but by a third party at a minimal cost. If your loved one wants to treat themselves to a new haircut, wash and curl, or shave, then let us know.

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Engaging Activities

Any good long-term care community should keep its residents engaged and happy. Serenity Gardens provides a home-like environment with family-focused activities. We offer games, crafts, and other mentally stimulating activities that help residents feel involved and give purpose to their daily lives. These activities help combat dementia and provide a fun daily life. We’re happy to accommodate your loved one’s special interests and hobbies!

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Holistic Care

Our residents are more than their memory impairments. Our holistic care treats the entire resident, and we emphasize a client-centered approach that addresses medical care along with social, spiritual, and emotional support.

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Environment – The role of the environment cannot be understated. At Serenity Gardens, we work hard to create a nurturing and comfortable atmosphere that feels like home. We offer a welcoming environment that promotes independence and lets our residents to relax.

Communication – Many homes forget to emphasize communication when caring for their residents. At Serenity Gardens, we believe that residents have the right to be included in their care. Therefore, we clearly communicate with all our residents, which is important to their feelings of self-worth and overall emotional wellbeing.

Nutrition - Nutrition is the cornerstone of a healthy life for every aging senior. Malnourishment and dehydration are common for seniors and exacerbate existing medical conditions and increase discomfort and agitation. Our personalized, homecooked meals and well-balanced diets are a major component of effective memory care.

Activity - Seniors with dementia can still live meaningful lives and do things they enjoy. Fulfilling activities and engaging in hobbies (or learning new ones) keeps seniors engaged and provides meaning and purpose during the day. Regular stimulation also wards off depression and boredom that can result in maladaptive behaviors or worsening symptoms.

Keeping Our Residents Safe

Keeping residents safe is our number one priority. Residents with dementia or cognitive deficits are often at risk, but we understand and adapt to these unique challenges.

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Physical Safety & Mobility

Ensuring physical safety includes removing fall hazards, making mobility medical equipment easy to use, removing sharp objects and heat sources from resident reach, and more.

Community Safety Features

A safe community is the key to keeping residents healthy. Therefore, we conduct background checks on all our staff members, install fire and carbon monoxide detectors, add locks on doors, and increase lighting. Our building also includes proper heat and air conditioning capabilities, on-site maintenance, and staff safety training.

Environmental Safety

Seniors are often more susceptible to falling ill from infectious diseases and toxins. We limit exposure by promoting a clean, healthy environment. Environmental safety also includes promoting physical activity, encouraging good hygiene, and making food and water available.

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